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Understand the planning process and read prior plans.

The Planning Process

Massachusetts General Law requires Planning Boards to prepare a Master Plan for their municipalities. These plans are “living documents” that should be updated periodically to reflect evolving conditions and needs. 

In 2022, the Town of Grafton kicked off efforts to update its 2001 Master Plan in three phases.
Phase 1 Data Collection was completed in late 2022.
Read the Phase 1 Data Collection Results here
Phase 2 Community Engagement & Plan Development kicked off in March of 2023. 
The community-driven planning process will be led by a volunteer working group and will bring together diverse stakeholders. Residents, business owners, and other interested persons will work together to identify a common vision for the community. Using that vision as a guide, consultants and town leaders will create a long-range plan for the town. The plan will draw on resident input, local expertise, data, best practices, and state and federal law to provide an actionable roadmap for the future. 


About Master Plans

A Master Plan is a statement of intent. It seeks to serve a whole community, guiding its overall character, physical form, and evolution. It describes how a community wants to develop physically, economically, and socially. A Master Plan serves as a guide for local officials and Town Meeting members as they make decisions about zoning, budgets, and capital improvements. The plan and its recommendations do not advance or mandate any specific item. To take effect, any recommendations need to be undertaken by residents and town staff.


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Master Plan Topics

Typically, a Master Plan addresses the following important planning topics as required by Massachusetts General law:

  • Goals and Policies Statement

  • Land Use

  • Housing

  • Economic Development

  • Natural and Cultural Resources

  • Open Space and Recreation

  • Municipal Services & Facilities

  • Transportation

  • Health & Quality of Life

  • Implementation

Prior Planning Efforts

The Town of Grafton has a long history of strategic prior planning. The 2023/2024 Master Plan Update will consider and build upon prior planning efforts.

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