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Grafton Master Plan

Help Determine Grafton's Future 

The Town of Grafton is updating its Master Plan! This plan will lay out a vision for Grafton's future over the next ten years and provide a roadmap for achieving our community goals.


Get involved and help determine Grafton's future! Subscribe on the Contact Us page or follow the Grafton Master Plan Facebook page!


What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a comprehensive community plan that explores important topics such as land use, natural resources, economic development, housing, transportation, and other themes.


Through the planning process, a town assesses its challenges and opportunities, and collects input from the community. Once written, a Master Plan lays out a vision and strategies for the community to achieve its goals.

Master plans require periodic updates. Issues, challenges, and residents preferences can change a lot in 10-20 years, which is the typical horizon of a master plan. Grafton's current Master Plan was written in 2001.

How does a Master Plan
help Grafton? 

A Master Plan helps a community

  • Manage growth and change

  • Provide for orderly and predictable development

  • Protect environmental resources

  • Set priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities

  • Strengthen local identity

  • Create a framework for future policy decisions

  • Promote open, democratic planning

  • Provide guidance to landowners, developers, and permitting authorities

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